Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am under 25/over 70 with a full driving license, can I hire your camper vans?
    Yes, you can hire our campers. Contact us beforehand and we will run it past our insurers. If there are any additional charges we will ask you to meet this cost.

  • Can I add an additional driver to the insurance?
    Yes no problem, again just let us know at the time of booking and we will work out the extra cost.

  • Do I need to provide any form of ID when booking one of your campers?
    Yes, you will need to provide me with your original driving license and a form of identification that proves your age and current address. You will also need a valid credit card so that we can take an imprint of this, against a security deposit of �500. This amount WILL NOT be deducted from your card UNLESS you fail to return our vehicle, return it in a state that is unacceptable. If you fail to turn up without any of the above you will be unable to take the vehicle out on hire. Sorry, that's rules that we have agreed to accept from our insurers.

  • What happens if I breakdown?
    All our vehicles are covered by full breakdown recovery and relay. However if the problem can not be resolved quickly, then please call us and we'll work out the best way to get you back on the road as soon as we can. You will have with you a number where we can be contacted 24hrs a day.

  • How many can we get in your campers?
    A maximum of 4 - its ideal for 2 adults and 2 children. 4 adults would mean that 2 adults will need to sleep in a tent. The pop-top bed is only suitable for small people whose total weight does not exceed 80kg. You are welcome to either hire our tent or bring your own.

  • Can I bring my dog and cat?
    Sorry but no. It's not that we don't like animals, but some of our future customers may be allergic to pet hair and we don't want to take that risk. Apologies.

  • Can I bring my own bicycle?
    Yes, no problem. We can provide you with a bike rack free of charge.

  • Can you hire bicycles for all of our family?
    You can hire two adult bikes from ourselves and we can recommend a local company who will be able to sort you out with children�s bikes and deliver them to us prior to your arrival.

  • Can we take the camper abroad?
    No, sorry. The vans are not insured outside of the UK. Anyway there is so much to see and do in the Highlands, what's the need to go abroad?

  • Can we take the camper over to some of the Scottish Islands on the ferry?
    Yes! and you won't be dissapointed, they are fantastic places to visit. Make sure that you book your ferries prior to your arrival as they tend to get very busy. If you require any help just let us know. The website for the ferries is

  • I hold a full driving license but it's not issued in the UK, can I still hire your vans?
    Yes, in most cases it isn't a problem. Contact us beforehand and we will run it past our insurers. If there are any additional charges we will ask you to meet these costs.